The Gold Book

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The Gold Book Cover

A Guide to Commonly Traded
Gold Bullion Coins, Bars
and Karat Gold Jewelry.

The Authoritative, Comprehensive Gold Guide for the Novice and the Professional. Simple Format, "What's It Worth" formula, Systematic, Quick Navigation, Reader Friendly, optimized for eReaders.

This Gold Book includes a simple gold formula for you to use any time to find out "What It's Worth" for yourself. With this book, you will be able to identify and calculate the exact gold value, at the moment, of the items that you own, are considering buying, selling, trading or valuing. Click here to view The Gold Book excerpt.

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What's it worth?

A simple gold formula for you to use any time to find out "What It's Worth" for yourself.

100+ coins covered

More than 100 popular gold issues by countries, private mints, and refiners.

Frequently asked questions

Answers the most commonly asked questions about gold coins, bars and what they're worth.

Table of Gold Prices

Includes listing of the high and low prices by year since 1971.

20 Countries Covered

From Australia to the United States, commonly traded gold coins from each country.

Full color image of each coin

High quality, full color images of every gold coin helps identify authenticity.

The Gold Book is an amazing resource for the novice to the expert.

Gold - Find out what it's worth! Don't wait to purchase this comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to know more about gold.

THE GOLD BOOK - What's It Worth, is a must have book for every Gold-Bug and would be Gold-Bug, buyer, seller, dealer, investor, hoarder and gold seeker.

This Do-it-yourself -- User-friendly -- What's It Worth -- formula for the novice and the pro is a must have. The Gold Book tells you what dealers and sales people won't tell you. Little known facts that can save you a bundle on gold, facts on over 100 gold coins and bars, plus karat gold jewelry.

Got Gold? Buying/Selling Gold? The Gold Book is a must own!

Outsmart the telemarketers, salesmen, dealers and potential scammers. This is the inside information that dealers don't want you to have. The Gold Book's facts provide the basis for a wise investment, purchase and/or sale. Don't leave home without The Gold Book.

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